Emergency Services - Communications Center

Ocean City Emergency Services/Public Safety Communications Center handles all emergency calls for service for the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company.

Located in the Public Safety Building at 65th St and Coastal Highway, the Enhanced 911 center operates a Harris(Formerly Com-Net Ericsson/GE) trunked 700MHz P25 digital radio system interlinked with the Maryland FIRST system.
There are members of the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company that are also fire dispatchers for the communications center which provides great communication between the two organizations.

Radio Equipment Used by OCVFC

We are alerted through Motorola Minitor 6 VHF 4 channel and Unication G4 700MHz voice pagers.
We are equipped with Harris XG-75M & XG-25M mobile and XG-75pe portable radios.

Civil Defense/Fire Siren System

There are multiple locations within town and in West Ocean City with various models of Federal Signal Corporation Civil Defense Sirens. These sirens are typically used to alert members for serious fire and rescue type emergencies and are automatically activated by the radio system from 7am-10pm. They can be activated at any time by order of a fire incident commander if needed. During times of city or county-wide emergency (tornado warning, hurricanes, evacuations, etc.) the sirens will be activated at any time (day or night) to warn the public of imminent danger. Please see below for an explanation of the different signals the siren system can make.


Simulcast Frequencies:
158.895 Fire/EMS Dispatch (Channel 14)
154.085 Fire 1 (Channel 1)
154.025 Trooper (Channel 7)
157.150 Coast Guard (Channel 12)
155.865 Worcester Fire 1 (Channel 9)
453.225 Sussex Radio Patch (Channel 6)

Trunked 700MHz Frequencies:
769.26875 770.05625 770.85625 772.10625 772.43125 772.70625

Worcester County Simulcast Frequencies:
155.100 Fire/EMS Dispatch
155.865 Fireground 1, 2, 3 & EMS 1, 2, 3
39.180 Medevac Patch

Worcester County Trunked Frequencies:
855.9625 856.4625 857.4625 857.7125 858.4625 858.7125 859.4625 859.7125


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