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Formed in the fall of 1960, the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company Cadet Program not only provides young people from within the community an opportunity to actively participate in public service, but is a vital part of our organization. The program is made up of young adults, between the ages of fourteen and eighteen, who live in the first due response area of the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company. Cadets assist the fire company on all incidents, and play a major role in establishing water supplies, deploying small tools and equipment, facilitating rehabilitative operations, and assisting with many exterior operations. The program meets every Monday evening from October through Memorial Day, to conduct regular business meetings and training exercises.

The goal of the Cadet Program, as a whole, is to provide operational support to the Volunteer Fire Company. While providing that support, the program aims to instill confidence and respect in its members, teaching them the skills necessary to function efficiently within the fire service. Each member is provided the opportunity to experience leadership roles, by either being elected to an administrative leadership position by their peers, or by being assigned an operational leadership role by a panel of instructors. The Cadet Program is an excellent opportunity for young people from our community to come together, learn life-saving skills, grow as individuals, and have fun!

The Cadet Program is always looking for new members who are anxious to learn, make new friends and make a difference within their community. We would love to talk more with prospective members about the benefits we offer, and how we can work together to keep our community a safe and fun place to live.



Note: Cadets must be age 14 -17 and must reside in the first due response area of the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company. 


Follow link to see a map of the fire district:


If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the possibility of joining our outstanding program, please contact any instructor through Ocean City Fire Headquarters, (410) 289-4346.

FF Scott Shuster, Administrator A/C Mike Todd, Instructor
FF Guy Talbott, Assistant Instructor FF Anthony Sandulli, Assistant Instructor


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