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Fisher Receives Award for 60 Years of Membership - West Ocean City

Friday, October 30, 2015


               Today, as the rain began to fall, and amidst so many busy schedules, I was lucky enough to join the leaders of our Volunteer Fire Company as they came together to present an award that very few ever get to see.  Past Chief David Cropper led the way into the house of his friend, Donald Fisher, carrying closely a Governor ‘s Recognition Certificate, and a pin for Mr. Fisher, recognizing his sixty years of membership in the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company. 

                Fire Chief Bo Duke, along with Assistant Chiefs Kevin Kirstein and Will Savage, President Cliff Christello, Director Steve Cropper, Gold Badge Member Ed Hudson, and myself crowded into Mr. Fisher’s home as past Chief Cropper presented Mr. Fisher with his certificate and thanked him for his service.   Wardie Jarvis and Bob Murray also received awards for 60 years of membership at this year’s banquet, which Mr. Fisher was unable to attend.

                After visiting with Mr. Fisher for a while, and passing back and forth stories of what Ocean City and the Fire Company used to be like, it was time for our group to leave, and we made our way back to Station 5.  I found myself standing in the newly constructed Firehouse with David Cropper, and I was eager to talk to him about Mr. Fisher, as I knew I would be sitting down to write this short article later in the day.  I went to find my pad of paper and a pen, and when I returned I found Chief Cropper amidst a group of current and former Fire Chief’s, administrative officers, and a former Mayor.  I stood to the side and listened, as the men answered every question I had, but didn’t have to ask. 

                They told stories of Mr. Fisher as a Fire Chief, and as a friend.  David recalled the days when he was a Cadet, and would watch in awe as Donald would fight fire without an air pack, only occasionally using one if it was, “real bad.”  I listened to Steve Cropper and Fish Powell recall him as an officer at the famous Plimhimmon Hotel fire of 1962, telling stories of how they had to build make-shift drafting pools out of wooden ladders and tarps because not all departments used a standard thread.  They talked about how Donald was always around, helping with maintenance on apparatus or firehouses, and how selfless he was as a leader.  As I stood and listened to these men talk, and remember, I realized more than ever how important it is for these conversations to take place between different generations in the fire service, and what an honor it was to be part of the group that presented Mr. Fisher his award today.  

Past Chief David Cropper presents Past Chief Donald Fisher with a Governor's Recognition
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