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An Insider's View - Station #5 - Keyser Point Road - West Ocean City

Friday, October 30, 2015
It may not look like much is going on from the outside, but take a stroll through the inside of your new Station #5 and things are quite a buzz. One member put it like this, "It really is incredible, driving by definitely does not give you any idea of the work that has gone into the project, and just how great the station is going to be." Interior walls are up, drywall has begun to be hung, HVAC duct work is nearly complete, and the sprinkler system is nearly complete. The road-work you see down Keyser Point Road is the installation of a 12" water main to service the new firehouse. This portion of the project will also see the installation of fire hydrants from the Center Drive entrance to Oyster Harbor, West to Keyser Point Road, and then South to the firehouse. This is an expense, to date, solely borne by your local volunteer fire company and will enhance fire protection for all local neighborhoods.

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